Mike and Vickey Snow, Chris Smith, Vicky Wilson, and Rick Tribble, the men behind the most promising Rock band of the season, FireLight, have been the talk of the town for taking the rock music world by storm. Their energetic and full of life music, groovy tunes, and southern gospel influence in the songs has made them stand out from all other contemporary rock bands. FireLight’s music is greatly inspired by their Christian roots, which makes it fun and spiritual. Their number one song “Jesus Is King” was inspired by the desire to let everyone feel the need to meet, and know the king of kings, the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. This unique touch of spirituality along with their insane talent to craft a song has gotten them great public attraction, and they are not slowing down anytime soon. 



FireLight is a band of five multi-talented musicians. Some of the instruments they play include the electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboard etc. Their music is a mixture of southern gospel with heavy metal rock, fused together with years of combined experience. Their forte is contemporary Christian, with a southern rock flavor. All the band members contribute equally to its great success. Mike and Vickey Snow write and compose songs, and Vicky Wilson co-writes all original songs performed by FireLight. Mike Snow plays the acoustic and electric guitar, Chris Smith plays guitar and bass, Vicky Wilson plays the keyboard, and Rick Tribble plays the drums. Mike and Vicky Snow, Chris Smith and Vicky Wilson are also the vocalists of the band. The band has a couple of great songs under their name including “He'll Never Let You Down” written during a time of facing great difficulty, where Mike Snow was reminded of the faithfulness of Jesus. This personal element of their music is what sets them apart and makes their music unique. All the band members are inspired by Paul McCartney and David Gilmore. Their provocative lyrics that stir the mind are a great influence for the band's music style. FireLight has tried to create music Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ and encouraging others to do the same. This theme is recurrent in all of their songs, and currently, they have played their music live at multiple churches and festivals. Firelight has one goal, to Continue to praise and worship Jesus and write, compose, perform, record and share these original songs with their fans. 


Website http://firelight-music.org/

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/vickey.snow.1

Instagram http://www.facebook.com/vickey.snow.1

SoundCloud http://soundcloud.firelightbandofbelievers/

ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/firelight4



FireLight Members:Mike Snow - Guitar, Vocals;Vickey Snow - Guitar, Vocals;Chris Smith - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals;Vicky Wilson - Keyboard, Vocals;Rick Tribble - Drums


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FireLight on Facebook, FireLight on Instagram

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FireLight at Gig Salad


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